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The DS24 Dashboard

Can-BUS Based Mini dash display


The DS24 is a CAN-BUS based mini dashboard aimed at Clubman Racers & Track Day Enthusiasts alike! 

Using a 2.4 inch OLED Screen, the DS24 displays data clearly and visibly in any lighting conditions. Users can select which parameters they wish to display on a number of pre-defined page layouts. Alert Pop-ups and Warning Pages can be configured to alert users when parameters are going out with user set limits, allowing users to focus on the driving.

8x Super Bright RGB LED Shift light provide visual feedback for the engine RPM and can be used to alert users to when alerts pops or warning pages are being displayed. The Shift Lights can be configured to each cars needs, users just need to set the lower cut in RPM, the shift point RPM & the engine's maximum RPM. The DS24 then covers the rest! 

To make your life easier, the DS24 uses predefined CAN-BUS protocols for set vehicles & ECUs. Saving you the hassle of setting up the protocols for your own vehicle. Just select your vehicle or ECU from the configuration software & you are good to go!

See the Tech Specs for more info...

TeCH Specs


  • 2.4 inch Sunlight Readable OLED Display (25Hz Refresh Rate)

  • 10x User Configurable Pages 

  • Parameter Alerts & Notification Pop-Messages

  • Warning Pages with configurable triggers


Shift Lights

  • 8x RGB Shift Lights

  • Adaptive Brightness Control

  • Switchable Shift Light Modes


  • 1x CAN-BUS 2.0 Port (Adjustable up to 1Mb/s)

  • Pre-defined CAN-BUS Protocols (See list of supported OEM & Aftermarket ECUs)

  • OBD2 Diagnostics Mode

  • Bluetooth Connectivity (Planned Mobile App for device configuration)


  • 2x Function Buttons (1x for SMRC Fiesta Cup Cars)

  • 6x External Sensor Inputs (Requires additional add-on harness) -  Pressure, NTC Temperature & Positional Sensors Supported at present 

  • 1x Ambient Light Sensor


  • Spec44 Wiring Harness

  • Choice of DTM 4 Way Connector or OBD2 Connector

  • Optional External Sensor Harness & Connector (DTM 8 Way)


  • Operating Voltage: 5V to 18V (With Load Dump Protection | No Reverse Polarity Protection)

  • Current Draw: <250mA (without external sensors connected)  

  • External Sensor Supply: 5V Output Power for External Sensors


  • Dimensions: 87 x 58 x 39 mm 

  • Weight: TBC 

  • Mounting Points: 2x M4 Mounts

  • Not IP rated


Base Model​​:

  • DS24 Cup with OBD2 Plug (~800mm Harness) = £300 (£270 for SMRC Members, see SMRC Website for more details)

  • DS24 Cup with DTM4 Plug (~200mm Harness) = £300 (£270 for SMRC Members, see SMRC Website for more details)

Additional Features:

  • Plus Module (GPS & Datalogging Features) = £TBC (Still in Development)

  • Sensor Add-on Connector = £TBC (Still in Development)

Please contact us to discuss purchasing:


!! Please note the DS24 is only available to purchase in the UK at this time. We will be expanding to more regions in the future !!

LIST of Supported OEM & Aftermarket eCUs


  • Fiesta ST Mk6 (ST150)

  • R50/R53 Mini Cooper/Cooper S

  • BMW E46 M3

  • OBD2 Mode in development (works with any vehicle built post 2008)

  • More to be added (Contact us to request support for an OEM ECU to be added)


Aftermarket ECU 

  • Hondata K-Pro

  • DTA S-Series (S40 etc)

  • More to be added (Contact us to request support for an ECU to be added)

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