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DS24 Dashboard Testing @ Knockhill - Oct 2019

On the 26th of October 2019, we took one of our prototype DS24 Dashboards to test with some Fiesta ST150 track car owners. Stunning weather with some small patches of rain, it is was perfect weather given the time of year.

Our main aims for the day were to:

- Test the device under pressure with the ST150's CAN-BUS System

- Test the data-logging capabilities (with some basic GPS Data)

- Test the Ambient Light Sensor & adaptive brightness systems

- Get feedback from drivers on the dashboards

The day was really successful and we got a-lot of useful data back.

Some on-board footage can be seen here:

With the data-logging enabled & the GPS active, we were able to get some lap data on the go once we got back to base.

There was a-lot of room for improvement with the GPS data as the module we were running on the day was only capable of 1Hz GPS logging. We are upgrading to a 10Hz module for our next test session to give more positional data points & even some lap timing....

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